North Carolina Real Estate License Requirements

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission oversees all real estate matters in the state of North Carolina. North Carolina operates on a broker-only licensing system. The types of real estate license the commission currently issues are provisional broker, broker and broker-in-charge licenses.

The requirements to become a real estate agent [broker] or broker-in-charge in North Carolina are as follows:


To be eligible for a North Carolina provisional broker license, applicant must be at least 18 years old, be a U.S. citizen or an alien authorized to work in the United States and have a social security number.

Applicant must undergo a criminal background check.

No prior real estate experience is required to obtain a North Carolina provisional broker license.

Applicant must complete a 75 hour Broker Prelicense Course approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

North Carolina Real Estate License Requirements

North Carolina Real Estate License Requirements

After completing the prelicense education requirements, applicant must pass the state and national broker exam with a minimum score of 75%. The national portion of the exam consists of 100 questions. The state portion consists of 40 questions. Applicants have a total of four hours to complete the exam.

A North Carolina provisional broker license application must be submitted within three years of completing the prelicense course.

A Notification of Provisional Broker Supervision form must also be submitted in order to activate the license.

In order to upgrade the provisional broker license to the broker license, the licensee must complete 90 hours of post license education courses within three years of initial licensure. To fulfill the requirement, applicants must complete one of the following courses each year:
30 hours of Broker Relationships and Responsibilities
30 hours of Contracts and Closings
30 hours of Selected Topics

All licensees must complete 8 hours of continuing education courses during each subsequent renewal period, which must include the mandatory four hour Real Estate Update Course and the four hour elective course.

Nonresident applicants licensed in another state are exempt from the prelicense education course and the national broker exam but are still required to take the state portion of the exam.

As of February 29, 2012, all reciprocal licensing agreements with other states are canceled.

Fees to obtain a North Carolina provisional broker license include:
Application Fee: $30
Initial License Fee: No Charge
License Renewal Fee: $40
License Reinstatement Fee: $55

Provisional broker licensees must complete the post license education requirements to upgrade license to broker status.

Broker licensees must have two years of full time or part-time equivalent broker experience in any state within the past five years to upgrade license to broker-in-charge status.


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